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The following entries have been written by Year 5 and 6 pupils who attend Website Club; they have been checked for accuracy by a member of staff.



Assemblies at Laureate are a special time to celebrate children’s awards and achievements. These magnificent events only happen for 20 minutes, and only in the afternoons. The teacher walks up the children from the classrooms to the hall where the assemblies take place. Then, line by line, the children sit down on the floor and occasionally on the benches. Once the whole school is quiet and sat down, the assembly starts. The teachers prepare all the certificates and trophies, as well as a pair of School Councillors from one class who get their set of certificates to hand out. Then the Librarians come up and get their set to hand out, and all the other children who help out with the certificates including Sport Leaders.  Laureate also has other amazing assemblies including singing assemblies and Learning Characteristics assemblies. At singing assemblies, the children have a voice warm up to warm up their voices. After the voice warm up they have one, two, or three songs to practise. If it’s a group song (where more than one group is singing at different times) the children learn the song without the other groups, and once it’s learned the teachers split children into the number of groups there are. At Characteristic assemblies, a teacher tells a story related about the term’s Characteristics. There is the Problem Solver, the Active Learner, the Reflective Thinker, the Team Worker, the Proud Achiever and the Creative Explores. 


Break and Lunch
We have one break and one lunch a day. It is a time to have a break from lessons. At break we have 15 minutes and at lunch we have an hour. We have many different staff to look after the children. At lunch we allow them to ether bring their own packed lunch or have a delicious school dinner. We also have equipment for fun or education. We have a special area for each class on certain days: it is called the court where you can play football. 

At laureate, we love to go on the laptops because we love to do coding in class. When we are done, we go on We have partners and sometimes we go on
At end of term, we sometimes go on the laptops and play games like Lots of people love to play and design on Scratch. 



In English, you learn to write in your English Book. When you do English, some people have fun doing different things. You become smarter and learn from your mistakes. When you are doing English, you learn how to write in full sentences.  In Partridge Class, we learnt about diary entries. We wrote about the children that were evacuated in World War 2. 


Golden Time


In Golden Time there are lots of things to do. There are lots of activities like playing outside, art, board games and singing. People always have fun. In the children’s class, if you move down the chart you go to orange. If you do it again, you move to red and that means you tick a block on the chart. One tick on the chart equals 2 minutes off your Golden Time.

Maths is so fun because you do different things like write on the whiteboard or answer maths questions in your maths book. For example, Partridge class do different things like column method for adding and subtraction. That is why maths is fun: because you learn different things every day.

The PTA are the people who organise events and help to pay for trips. The PTA organise the Christmas and summer fetes. The PTA have raised £35,000 in the last five years. PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association.