Newmarket Primary Games

In addition to the earlier success in the tennis, during the week, Mrs Baxter and Miss Adams took Beech and Rowan classes to the Newmarket Primary Games on Thursday (18th June), at Newmarket Academy. As one of eight competing schools (12 teams altogether), Laureate finished winners in four of the ten sports stations!

It was another wonderful result for all involved; another fantastic sporting achievement to add to the collection - one we are, once again, very proud of at Laureate.

Big congratulations to all the children who took part, representing the school superbly. Thank you to all the parents and families who were able to attend and support, to Newmarket Academy and their sports leader team, whose hosting and delivery of the event was brilliant. And, of course, thank you to Mr Jackson (Forest Heath Sports Partnership) for his organisation of the event too. Another successful games. Well done all!


Many thanks to Mrs Grimsey for these photographs