Anglian Water visit

11th June 2018

Anglian Water visited Osprey class on 11th June to discuss all things water related.  Parents were invited to the morning session where they picked up some helpful hints on how to save water (and money!) at home. Activities  included a competition to see who could clean paint pots with a paintbrush and the least amount of water and we saw how much water could be wasted straight down the plughole if you do not turn off the  tap for the two minutes you clean your teeth in the morning - 20 litres! Double that with night-time teeth cleaning and that's 40 of your daily 80 litre water usage target gone! 


Osprey created mini water cycles to show the processes of evaporation and condensation and finally, learned about how sewage is cleaned and everything recycled. Most children were surprised to learn of the environmental impact of putting items such as  baby wipes and cotton buds down the toilet.


It was a fascinating day that provided lots of valuable  learning opportunities for the children.