Walk for a difference

28th February 2020
‘Walk 4 A Difference' In numbers 
We’ve already had hundreds of pounds following our ‘Walk 4 A Difference’ before half term! Thank you for your generosity; please return all sponsorship money by 2nd March.
Our day included: -
20,052: The total number of laps completed. 
2.693: The number of laps completed by Partridges, which was the highest class total. 2,506.5: The number of miles completed, which is the distance from Newmarket to Canada! 
210: The number of laps required to complete a marathon, which Dylan in Year 5 reached! 
200: The number of laps completed by Kayden in Year 4, who was the first person to reach this.  
105: The number of laps in a half-marathon, which 36 people achieved.  
55: The number of people who completed 100 laps or more, including four Year 1 pupils! 
40: The number of people still going when we reached the end at around 7:15pm.  
11: The number of laps completed by our youngest pupil, two year old Oliver in Caterpillar Class.  
10: The number of ex-Laureate pupils who came along with Mr Froy to complete a mile each.  
8: The number of laps completed by Ben Blowes, who joined Breakfast Club to run the first laps.  
3: The number of laps completed by Evelina, unaided.  
2: The number of staff from Tesco who stayed all day, serving free refreshments.  
1: One school community. One Laureate family. One unforgettable day