Hour of Code 2017

8th December 2017

This week saw the second annual Hour of Code week at Laureate.


Snowy Owls and Eagles kicked off the week trying their hand at CodeMonkey with some advanced programming using Coffeescript - a similar programming language to Javascript.  Tawny Owls, Partridge and Kingfisher classes all made their own Star Wars games using Blockly, a type programming similar to Scratch. Osprey and Rabbits learnt to place their code in order with the help of The Foos. Finally, Foxes and Hedgehogs visited Planet Smeeborg, courtesy of The Kodables and learned how to use programming to complete a range of puzzles. For some pupils, they were able to complete their Hour of Code in Polish as well as English.


Computer Science is an increasingly vital subject in our Digital Age. As more and more jobs in the future will require some knowledge of programming, Laureate is proud to promote this vital subject. Mr Wayland would like to thank all the children for being excellent Team Workers.