Important Online Safety Update

13th November 2020
Important Online Safety Update
WhatsApp has announced that they will be introducing a ‘disappearing messages’ option. Disappearing messages are videos, images or text which will delete automatically after a predetermined amount of time. You may hear them referred to as ‘snaps’, ‘secret conversations’ or ‘vanishing messages’. These messages present a risk to children in a number of ways, particularly as they lead children to believe that what they share is more private than it actually is - they may think their messages will disappear, but recipients can still save them. To help protect your child and keep them safe, please:
- Talk to your child/children about the use of disappearing messages;
- Help them understand the limits of disappearing messages and how almost everything posted can be saved;
- Support them to understand what they should and shouldn’t share with others;
- Check that they know who to speak to if they run into problems online with disappearing messages