Important safety and risk assessment update

11th September 2020
Important Safety Updates
Even though we have had an incredibly positive and successful start to the term, we are continuing to make sure that we are doing everything possible to keep our children, families and staff safe.
Here are a few important reminders and updates:
- From Monday, there will be a table outside the front door with a doorbell and phone number: please ring the doorbell if you would like a member of the office team to come out and assist you, or telephone the office if we are able to help you over the phone; alternatively, please email the office (see above).
- Please make sure that your child has everything that they need each day, as the office will no longer be accepting dropped off items such as jumpers and water bottles until further notice. - If you are waiting outside the school, please wait on the near side of the path (next to the railings) in order to let cyclists and other pedestrians pass.
- Please observe social distancing when you are queuing to drop off and pick up your child; when collecting, please remain in the line - the member of staff will call your child forward when you reach the front.
Please also see updated Risk Assessment below.