Laureate Learning Characteristics

Laureate Learning Characteristics


Why do we have Learning Characteristics?


  • Characteristics of Effective Learning are embedded in Early Years practice.

  • They are used to encourage and support our children across the whole school to describe how they are learning.

  • They help children to build valuable lifelong learning attitudes.

  • They are linked to our ‘REACH’ values, e.g. ‘Proud Achievers’ and ‘Achieve’.


What are our Learning Characteristics?


At Laureate, we are:


  • Active Learners who

    • Concentrate

    • Join in

    • Keep trying and persevere


  • Creative Explorers who

    • Choose different ways to do things

    • Make links and see patterns

    • Find new ways to solve problems and achieve goals


  • Team Workers who

    • Listen and speak to each other politely

    • Respect others’ opinions and ideas

    • Work together to solve problems


  • Proud Achievers who

    • Enjoy a challenge

    • Have a sense of satisfaction

    • Show a ‘can do’ attitude


  • Problem Solvers who

    • Identify steps and rules to solve a problem

    • Break down large problems and ideas into parts

    • Remove unnecessary detail when studying a problem


  • Reflective Thinkers who

    • Check how things are going

    • Know what and how to get better

    • Stay strong when things go wrong