Litter Pick

18th May 2018

Litter Pick on 11th May

It all started at lunch time. We had our lunch and then we went to the hall. Once there we put on our hi vis jackets. We also tried to use the litter pickers and put on gloves, so we didn’t get our hands dirty. We then went out and started to clean up the litter pickers. We had a blue bag for plastics, pink bag for tin and cans and a white bag for everything else.

My feelings

My feelings the same as the others helping, were we were sad at all the rubbish we found. It was really upsetting that people like to litter. That it is like bins don’t exist to them. There was a lot of sadness but a lot more proudness. We were very proud that we were able to make such a difference in such a short time.

By Gabriela

Kingfisher Class