Message from our JRSO team

23rd November 2018

JRSO crossing safety message.


Please cross safe. We have noticed that there are some grownups who are crossing the road after the Crossing Patrol Officer has moved back towards the pavement. So can all people please cross at the appropriate place and at the appropriate time (with the Crossing Patrol Officer). Please be aware how dangerous this is. We need to all show respect to our Crossing Patrol Officer as she is trying to help us all stay safe. By crossing without the Crossing Patrol Officer you are putting yourselves at risk, as drivers might not realise that someone is choosing to cross, their attention will be drawn more naturally to the Crossing Patrol Officer (as she is wearing florescent colours). This is for you and your family’s own safety.

Thank you, from the JRSO’s

Ana, Keitija, Sawaira and Conner.