Our Charity of the Year

20th February 2018

Our Charity of the Year is Blue Cross for Cats.


Miss Palmer  tells us about her visit to the Blue Cross


On 12th February I spent a lovely morning at Blue Cross in Cambridge. The staff there were lovely and very welcoming. Surrounded by a lovely calm atmosphere, I was shown around the centre and saw the amazing work the staff and volunteers do.

The kitchen piled up with food ready to go into the dispensers, bowls all washed and ready to be filled. Piles of blankets and towels surrounded the washing/drying machines, some ready to go in, some being washed and some piled up ready to be distributed. The staff spend every morning cleaning out each pen then once a cat has been re-homed, the pens are washed from top to bottom with disinfectant. All furnishings are cleaned before being replaced to ensure no diseases are spread.

Did you know, that for every cat in their own pen, they have two litter trays (one in the indoor section and one in the outdoor part), three sometimes four beds, at different levels and styles, two scratching posts and toys with at least six blankets (to go in their beds or cover them up). This is to cater for all needs and to allow the cats to find their own safe area.

When you think of how many pens there are, you begin to realise just a small fraction of the costs the Blue Cross must meet. This is before food, cat litter and of course veterinary bills.

I was lucky, as whilst I was there, I was able to visit four of the resident cats. The first one was very sweet and allowed us to say hi but was more interested in the treats! The second was a little wary and stayed in its bed watching us. The third pen we visited had two beautiful black cats, very affectionate and loving.  The sad part is that those two cats might find it difficult to be re-homed due to their colour and the stigma of black cats being unlucky.

I learnt that each cat has a paw print on its pen. These paws indicate those cats who love attention and quite happy to have human contact and those that need more patience and understanding.

Each cat/kitten has a folder which lists their history so that the best match can be made with a new owner. There is also a form that each member of staff fills in after they interact with the animal, so when you go to adopt a cat/kitten, they can be very detailed in telling you what the cat you will be taking home likes/dislikes etc.

There are many reasons why cats end up in the centre. Some are strays and sometimes sadly it is due to the owner passing away or being taken into a care home. While the cats are at the centre, they are well cared for and the staff work very hard to ensure they are rehomed to live out happy and healthy lives. During the summer months the centre finds an increase of kittens arriving. To prevent unwanted kittens and cats in the future the centre arranges for all cats to be neutered.

Seeing the passion, the staff/volunteers have for the animals and the care they provide to ensure as many cats/kittens get the forever home they deserve, makes me even more proud that our school is going to do what we can to raise as much as we can to help this worthy charity.

You might not know that The Blue Cross relies on donations and volunteers to enable them to run the charity and help as many animals as they do. Without support from the public they would not be able to continue. They not only help cats but lots of other animals as well. They even do a home direct service, working with existing owners that can no longer keep their pets to find new forever homes, using the centre for the meet and greet, to ensure it’s the correct home for the pet.

During the year we will not only be raising money for this charity but will be raising awareness too.

There is so much more to see and experience at the centre. If you have a free afternoon and want to find out more, please pop by and show your support. If you are thinking of getting a new pet, pop by and speak to the trained staff, they will be able to advise you on the best pet for your family.


Please follow the link below to their Website to find out more about this amazing charity.



For those that would like to donate but prefer to see where your money is being spent, below is the link to their Amazon wish list. All donations are most gratefully received and needed.