Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement 

Children are inspired to learn through a purposeful, inclusive and engaging curriculum which demands higher level thinking from all.

Our comprehensive and balanced curriculum delivers the requirements of the National Curriculum and is underpinned by a firm foundation of knowledge and subject specific vocabulary, which is enriched by regular opportunities to apply and extend understanding in preparation for the next steps in the learning journey.

We plan cross curricular units of work which are called ‘Inspirations’ as we aim for them to be inspirational and purposeful. All Inspirations are led by a deep key question, e.g. What is worth fighting for? Is change a bad thing? Who has the right to power?

All Inspirations start with an ENGAGE – a memorable learning experience which hooks the children straight into learning. This has been such events as toasting marshmallows over an open fire or having the classroom destroyed by an earthquake. After the engage element, we move onto the ENQUIRE and EXPLORE elements: children may share the knowledge they already have, or be given further resources in order for them to generate their own questions. These questions are presented on working walls and form the basis of new learning. Within the Explore element, the children improve their knowledge and understanding of the key deep question as well as the child-led questions. Once knowledge and understanding have been embedded, the children EXPRESS. This is where the real purpose for learning is explored, as the children share and celebrate their learning using increasingly rich language, and apply it to real life situations, e.g. children organising a charity stall for people in need following a natural disaster.

As well as securing the necessary knowledge and understanding, children are challenged to develop the skills that they need to become lifelong learners. Laureate Learning Characteristics are used to encourage and support children to talk about how they are learning in order to develop positive learning attitudes; these characteristics are linked to our ‘REACH’ values, e.g. ‘Team Workers’ and ‘Respect’. These skills are embedded across the curriculum and throughout the school day, but are explicitly taught in Early Years through the Characteristics of Effective Learning, and in Key Stages 1 and 2 through Commando Joe’s, with a particular focus on self-regulation, resilience and collaboration.

Our intention is to provide our children with a rich variety of life experiences in order to raise aspirations, unlock potential and ignite individual passions.