Our Reading Scheme

At Laureate, children begin reading using our book band reading system – this is a series of different levels of books, each banded a particular colour. Children will begin at pink level and will progress through the book bands until they are ready to read books other than those from reading schemes. As the children progress through the colours, the texts become longer with trickier words. The sentence structure becomes more complex and there are more complicated storylines.

In the early colour bands there are few words and many of the books are phonically decodable. This enables the child to use the phonics they have been learning and to learn key words. By the time the children reach white and lime books, they will be confident, fluent and independent readers, who use a range of strategies to read and understand the text. They will be able to discuss the texts and find information independently. Once they have reached this level they will meet a variety of children’s fiction and non-fiction texts.

In each book band, pupils will have opportunities to read from a variety of books from different reading schemes, including Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat, Rigby Star and Phonics Bug. This ensures that the children experience a variety of books and characters, including fiction and non-fiction as they develop their reading preferences.

Members of teaching staff in Key Stage 1 read twice a week with the children. Teachers will use their assessments to make decisions when children are ready to move to the next book band level.

Parents are encouraged to read with their children at home and to make comments in the Home/School Books. It is our intention to extend the book banding to home readers. Once the children have become independent and fluent readers, they will be able to choose books from their class or the school library, although teaching staff may still guide them toward suitable titles.   

For more information on book bands click the download link below.