School Development & Improvement Plan

School Development & Improvement Plan 2016-17


We have identified four key whole school targets for the academic year, informed by outcomes in 2015-16 as well as broader priorities as we strive to become an outstanding school:


  • Target 1 – Attainment (Mrs Dixon, Mrs Banks & Ms Durrant to lead): At least 70% of pupils in every class to be working securely at the expected standard in reading (or, if more than 70% are securely at the expected standard at the beginning of the academic year, for that percentage to be maintained or improved).

  • Target 2 - Progress (Mrs Ashford & Ms Kennedy to lead): To reduce the progress gap between White British pupils and other pupils in reading, writing and maths compared to 2015-16 (and, where there was no gap, for this to be maintained).

  • Target 3 – Curriculum (Mrs Dalton & Mrs Mower to lead): To develop an enquiry-based curriculum focussed on key skills and memorable learning opportunities in order to increase engagement and behaviour for learning.

    Target 4 – Samuel Ward Academy Trust (Mr Perkins to lead): To ensure good or better progress in reading, writing and maths in all classes by embedding an enquiry-based planning model and Characteristics of Effective Learning.


    The following plans are ongoing each year, updated to reflect current priorities:


  • Appendix A - Accessibility Plan (Mrs Ashford & Ms Kennedy to lead).

  • Appendix B - Three-year Plan (Mr Perkins to lead).

  • Appendix C - Equality Plan (Mr Perkins & Mrs Ashford to lead).

  • Appendix D - Premises & Administration Plan (Ms Kennedy to lead).


    In addition, the following subjects have been prioritised for development in 2016-17, and have their own Subject Development Plans:


  • Computing (Mr Wayland to lead): To embed a progressive scheme of work for the teaching of computing skills, supported by the necessary software and hardware.

  • Maths (Mrs Dixon to lead): To raise achievement in maths.

  • Philosophy for Children (Mr Perkins to lead): To develop the use of philosophical enquiry across the school, linked to Laureate Learning Characteristics.

  • PSHE (Mrs Baxter to lead): To enhance the PSHE curriculum in order to meet the needs of our pupils, incorporating the 'Be the Best you can Be' programme.

  • Science (Mrs Young to lead): To improve the teaching of investigative skills across the school, with clearly planned coverage and progression.


    Where relevant, all of these targets will include a focus on improving areas identified by last year’s Ofsted inspection (May 2016), namely that leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:


  • A greater proportion of pupils make rapid progress in order that attainment at the end of KS2 is raised to be at least in line with the national average;

  • Governors develop a more strategic understanding of the school in order to better hold leaders to account.