School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2019-20


We have identified five key whole school targets for the coming year, informed by outcomes in 2018-19, internal monitoring, our most recent trust review and wider priorities, as we strive to become an outstanding school:


· Target 1 – Language Development (Julia Baker & Amanda Wigzell to lead): The percentage of pupils on track to achieve the Expected Standard and Greater Depth in reading and writing will increase in all classes from the beginning to the end of the year.

· Target 2 – Curriculum/Subject Leadership (Cath Dalton & Dave Perkins to lead): The percentage of children working at the Expected Standard and in Greater Depth will increase in subjects other than English and maths from baseline assessment to the end of the academic year.

· Target 3 – PiXL (Michele Dixon to lead): The percentage of pupils who are on track to achieve the Expected Standard in reading, writing and maths (combined) will increase in KS2.

· Target 4 – Transition (Louisa Mower to lead): There will be no dip in learning from one year group to the next, e.g. the percentage of Reception pupils on track from the summer term to the autumn term in Year 1 will increase; feedback from Newmarket Academy will demonstrate that Year 7 pupils are more settled.

· Target 5 – Learning Environment (Kelly Ashford to lead): Pupil feedback indicates that displays support their learning more effectively at the end of 2019-20 compared to 2018-19.


The following plans are ongoing each year, updated to reflect current priorities:


· Appendix A - Accessibility Plan (Kelly Ashford, Ellie Bursey & Lisa Schorer-Nixon to lead).

· Appendix B - Three-year Plan, including School Improvement Plan targets from previous years to embed and monitor (Dave Perkins to lead).

· Appendix C - Equality Plan (Dave Perkins & Kelly Ashford to lead).

· Appendix D - Premises & Administration Plan (Lisa Schorer-Nixon to lead).


In addition, the following areas have been prioritised for improvement in 2019-20, and will have their own Implementation Plans:


· Design Technology (Amanda Wigzell to lead).

· Maths (Corrine Fisher to lead)

· Music (Michele Dixon to lead)

· PE (Tim Coote to lead).

· PHSE (Ruth Baxter to lead).

· Pupil Premium (Kelly Ashford to lead)

· SEND (Ellie Bursey to lead)