School Uniform

At Laureate we expect all children to wear the correct school uniform:


Girls: Laureate School green sweatshirt/cardigan and white polo shirt. Knee length grey skirt, pinafore dress or school trousers in winter. Green and white checked dresses may be worn in the summer. ‘Sensible’ low black shoes.


Boys: Laureate School green sweatshirt. White polo shirt. Grey school trousers. Grey socks. Black shoes.


(Note that jeans, leggings, jeggings etc. are not considered school trousers; please be advised that some shops advertise ‘school trousers’ which do not match our uniform policy. A plain green school sweatshirt may be worn if families are unable to purchase a Laureate sweatshirt; the ACT (PTA) hold regular ‘nearly new’ uniform sales.)


P.E. (Girls and Boys): Green Shorts. White T-shirt. Plimsolls. P.E. bag.

Please note that for safety reasons we ask all children with long hair to tie their hair back during PE and games lessons, and when using some specialist equipment in science, art, food technology etc.

ALL clothing should be clearly marked.


Ordering Uniform

All embroidered items can be purchased online from our UniformEasy account, or from our Gooddies account;


Orders from Gooddies can be placed at


Orders from ShopkeepEasy can be placed at 


Please note that all orders from both companies can only be placed online; while both companies will deliver orders to the school, we will not be holding stock or taking orders at the office.  Please liaise directly with the relevant company if you have any queries regarding uniform.

Jewellery and watches

Jewellery should not be worn in school. Earrings are not allowed, except for children with pierced ears, who may wear studs on those days when they do not have swimming or PE. (If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, please ensure that this is done at the beginning of the summer holidays so the holes are healed before the autumn term begins and earrings can be removed for PE lessons)

Children may wear an ordinary watch when they are able to tell the time but responsibility for its safe keeping belongs to them, and the school will not be held responsible for any losses.

Make-up and nail varnish

Pupils are not permitted to wear make-up in school, including nail varnish. Any pupil wearing make-up will be asked to remove it by the following day; should pupils fail to do so, the school reserves the right to provide the pupil with cotton wool pads, nail varnish remover etc. and ask the pupil to remove the make-up in school.