Science Share Session

14th March 2018
Snowy and Tawny Owls came together for the Science Share morning to study the brain. After learning about the different parts of the brain the class were challenged to create their own ‘super’ animal brains. Thinking carefully, the children designed a brain that showed how the different parts played a different role in controlling the animal’s ability to think, move, communicate and use super powers. Some animal brains included: The Flying Pig, The Chatty Parrot, The Transforming Animal and the Unicorn Spider!
Eagle Class
We had great fun puzzling about what electricity actually is.  We became electrons in a circuit and then investigated to find out how to change circuits by adding in  more bulbs, a buzzer or motor.  We found out why it is better to have the lights in your house on a parallel circuit rather one in series.
Partridge Class
For our science share session Partridge Class were designing and building bridges, each bridge had to meet certain criteria. The main aim was to see which bridge could hold the most weight, well done to Ashton, Harley and James whose bridge held 9kg!
Butterfly Class
We had lots of activities to choose from with our Science Share. The focus was on CHANGE so we melted chocolate to make some Shredded Wheat Nest cakes, tried to free the little people from blocks of ice, watched water beads change from being "small and hard" to "big and slimey", made chicks in egg crafts and made shadow puppets! We also enjoyed using our magnifying glasses to watch our baby caterpillars begin to eat their food and grow!