Special visitor

16th March 2017
On Wednesday 15th March local Channel Swimmer Ed Williams from Elite Swimming Academy came to speak with the children at our assembly on the importance of resilience and perseverance. Ed spoke about his recent 25 mile swim between Ireland and Scotland which took place this summer. He first attempted the swim in 2014 but was unsuccessful due to taking hundreds of jellyfish stings so the message to the children was to never give up if you fail first time!
You can read Ed's full report on the swim and a version of the video he showcased to the children here: http://www.eliteswimmingacademy.co.uk/successful-swim-ireland-scotland/
Ed is head coach at Elite Swimming Academy who teach many of our pupils to swim in and around Newmarket. They are opening up at Arran House Stud in Kennett in time for the Easter holidays which is 5 mins dow the road from us! Visit www.eliteswimmingacademy.co.uk for full details or view the attached leaflet.