Sports Week - Day 2

22nd June 2021
Today, years 1 - 6 had a dodgeball tournament.
Year 1 Hedgehog Winners Malala  Star player  Natalia
 Year 2 Rabbits   Winners Gandhi Star player  Paolo
Year 3  Merlin Winners Curie Star player Devrim
Year 4 Goldfinch Winners Malala Star Player Georgia
Year 4 Kingfisher Winners Curie Star Player Damien
Year 5 Robins Winners Curie Star Player Leon
Year 6 Falcons Winners Malala Star player Ahmet
After a great day of competition the results were:
1st place Malala 175 points
2nd place Curie 170 points
3rd place Gandhi 110 points
4th place Einstein 80 points
We also had archery run by Mr Butler on the playground. 3 classes had a taster session today. They all thought it was great fun to do.
Thank you to Mukt and Harry for supporting and refereeing today.