Summer Term update

18th June 2021
Important Summer Term Events Update
Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday that current restrictions will not be lifted until Monday 19th July at the earliest, we have had to make some changes to our planned summer term events; however, we are still determined to do as much as we can to involve our families whilst keeping everyone safe.
The Government has stated that up to 30 spectators can gather in a group. This means that unfortunately, as Mukt and Oscar mentioned in previous news item, we cannot invite parents into school for next week’s Sports Days, as it will not be possible to keep different groups of parents separate in our limited space. However, we have been able to adapt our Creative Arts Week so that we can invite up to 30 spectators to watch each class perform outdoors (this will also double up as their end of term certificate assembly). These performances will be:
Thursday 15th July: Goldfinches (1:30-2:00), Kingfishers (2:15-3:00) & Nursery Group 1 (3:00-3:30);
Friday 16th July: Bumblebees (9:15-9:45), Hedgehogs (10:00-10:30), Rabbits (10:45-11:15), Nursery Group 2 (11:30-12:00), Merlins (2:15-2:45) & Robins (3:00-3:30).
Full details about how you will be able to attend these events, including ticket details, will be sent in a separate letter shortly. If your child is in Nursery, Mrs Mower will let you know which group your child will be in as soon as possible.
Falcon Class will perform their Year 6 production on the morning of Monday 19th July, which will be followed by their leavers’ assembly. We are hopeful that more spectators will be able to attend these; again, details will follow in a separate letter. Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times.