The Laureate Challenge

8th February 2018

The Laureate Challenge


By Heather and Alesha


During assembly on Monday the 8th of January, Mrs Ashford announced the winners of The Laureate Challenge.


On Tuesday the 9th of January, 65 pupils from Laureate Community Academy were rewarded for all their grades being excellent. Their reward was watching a movie of their choice (called The Emoji Movie). They ate popcorn, sweets and had a drink that Mrs. Ashford passed around. During their fun afternoon, everyone else who wasn’t invited to The Laureate Challenge was in their classroom doing their normal school work.


At the end of The Laureate Challenge, everyone went back to their classrooms for the end of the day. It was an amazing experience for everyone who was invited and it encouraged everyone to get excellent for all their effort grades and get invited to the next Laureate Challenge!