Today's Dreams, Tomorrow's Reality

We held our first parents' launch event - Today's Dreams, Tomorrow's Reality - at the beginning of the academic year for 2014/2015, on September 18th. We'd like to thank all of the 70 parents who came to the event.

Our aims for the event were;
  • To build working relationships which will benefit our children
  • To provide an update on the new National Curriculum
  • To share our pupils' hopes and dreams for the future (via a movie featuring our pupils)
  • To lay out our plans for the coming school year
  • To discuss what help can be provided at home
We received some amazingly positive feedback, with some very helpful comments and suggestions for future such events. The informative nature of Mr Perkins' presentation was a regular occurence in the comments (please find the Powerpoint from his presentation as a downloadable PDF file below). "Lovely speech, lots of information and very pleased to know how I can help my child."

The movie, produced by Mr Slowe, featuring many of our pupils discussing their hopes and dreams for the future, was also huge hit amongst those who attended. "A fantastic video presentation of the children," which left many of you feeling inspired by 'seeing the children talk about their dreams, their aspirations and what they want to achieve'. You can watch the video below.

Our pupils are the reason that we - staff, parents, families, friends and more - are all working together today. We want to help them to make today's dreams become tomorrow's reality.