Update about school closures from Mr Perkins

4th January 2021
Update 4/1/2021
Dear parents & carers,
You will have just heard the Prime Minister announce that all schools will be closed from tomorrow and all children must stay at home, except for children of critical workers who have no other childcare alternatives and those who are defined as vulnerable.  As you will have gathered from my letter earlier today, we had no prior warning about this and received the same information as you at 8pm this evening.
Because of the incredibly short notice, we will regard tomorrow as a transition day.  This means that, for tomorrow only:
 - If you can keep your child at home, you must do so.
 - If you cannot make childcare arrangements for tomorrow and you cannot stay or work at home, your child may attend school tomorrow; however, I urge you to keep your child at home if you possibly can, and if your child does attend tomorrow, it does not automatically mean that they will be able to attend school from Wednesday and for the duration of the school closure period.
 - If your child has to attend school tomorrow, please ensure that they bring a packed lunch if at all possible.
 - We will not be providing remote learning tomorrow, as we will be supervising those pupils who need to attend school and getting organised to provide the best possible remote learning, in line with our agreed expectations (these will be reviewed regularly to ensure that they work as well as possible).
 - Breakfast Club and LAST will be available if you are unable to make any other arrangements.
There are clearly a huge number of arrangements that we now need to put in place from Wednesday onwards.  These include:
 - Establishing home learning routines in line with our agreed expectations, which we expect all pupils to engage with.
 - Agreeing which pupils may attend school, including a booking system similar to the first school closure period last year, and how these will be organised and staffed in order to keep them and staff safe.
 - Confirming whether or not we will be able to offer Breakfast Club and LAST.
Although the Prime Minister referred to Nurseries and Early Years settings as continuing to provide childcare, we will treat our Nursery and Reception classes the same as the rest of the school, and therefore they will only be open for the children of critical workers who have no other childcare alternatives and those who are defined as vulnerable.
As per my letter earlier today, please let us know if your circumstances have changed, including if your child may be eligible for free school meals (vouchers will be provided during the school closure period) and if your child will not be able to access remote learning at home.
The Prime Minister referred to schools possibly re-opening, at least partly, after February half term, but he also made it clear that this is the best case scenario.  Therefore, I believe that we should reasonably expect to be offering remote learning for most or all of the spring term.
I will write to you again tomorrow when I have more information.  Thank you all so much for your continued support and understanding; take care and stay safe.
Kind regards
Mr. D. Perkins