Welcome to Laureate Community Nursery and Reception

Welcome to our Nursery and Reception


Our Daily Routine…


Butterfly Class is the morning session, starting at 9.00am and ending at 12.00pm. Caterpillar Class starts at 12.30pm and ends at 3.30pm. Please wait to be greeted at the Nursery gate with your grown up. If it is raining you can go under the porch shelter outside our classroom.  


Our day begins with Funky Fingers or mindfulness activities.  This may be something to develop little finger muscles whilst calming music plays or even yoga or peer massage.  


We have a daily phonics session where we systematically focus on Phase 1 of Letters & Sounds programme or take part in some number or shape activities.  We sing our songs about the days of the week and weather and love to have chats about our feelings. 


Throughout the rest of the session we learn through play. Our teachers help to challenge us because they know us well and know what our next steps are.  Every week there are three focus children who get to share their interesting news & family photos with the rest of the class. During a focus week, lots of observations and pictures are taken to let parents and carers know exactly how we are getting on in nursery. We use Tapestry Online Learning Journal to let families know about our wow moments too.

Before home time we sing songs, read books and sometimes act out the stories we have written that day. 




At 12.00pm or 3.30pm, you will come out of nursery through our front door.  We will make sure a person we recognise is there to collect you safely.

If your grown up is late we will keep you with us for a short time and then take you to the school office.  Your adult should tell the school if they know they are going to be late so we can reassure you. 

If someone else is collecting you, your grown up will also need to tell us or let the school office know. 



We have snack during the morning and afternoon. You can decide when you have this and choose from fruit, vegetables, milk or water.



Lunch is from 12.00pm until 12.30pm and you are able to bring a packed lunch from home. Please bring a carton or plastic bottle as a drink if you are having packed lunch (not fizzy). We eat in our nursery and one of our Teaching Assistants will look after you while you eat. Lunch is charged at £3.00