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Governing Body & Parent/Teacher Association

Published: 11 September, 2022

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Governing Body & Parent/Teacher Association

11th September 2022

Governing Body & Parent/Teacher Association – We Need Your Help!

We currently have a number of vacancies on our Local Governing Body for both Parent Governors and
Community Governors. The Governing Body is a small group of volunteers who meet once per half term to
support and challenge the school, and also visit the school from time to time to speak to children, staff and
parents to find out how well we are doing. If you are a parent or a member of the local community and you
would like to help us to continue to improve our provision for our pupils, or if you know someone who might be
interested, please speak to Mr Perkins or another member of staff in the first instance; you can also find out
more about the role of governors on our school and trust websites.

Following changes to its constitution in order to bring it in line with the latest statutory guidance, we will be
forming a new Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) Committee at an Annual General Meeting to be held on
Monday 26th
September at 2:30pm. All of our families are welcome (you are all automatically members of
the PTA!) and we need a minimum number of people in attendance to be able to hold the meeting, so please do
come along before you pick your children up; you don’t have to volunteer to join the committee in a named role
(Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) but anything that you can do to help would be greatly appreciated