Laureate Community Academy

Aims & Values

At Laureate, we are determined to create an inclusive learning community where everyone is given the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential. We aim to challenge and support all of our pupils, helping them to become lifelong learners and preparing them for life in modern Britain. This is encapsulated in our ‘REACH’ acronym: We want everyone involved at Laureate to Respect each other, Enjoy their time in our school, Aspire to fulfil their potential, learn how to Communicate effectively and lead a happy and Healthy lifestyle. Click on each value below to expand the definition and what it means for pupils, staff, parents and governors.

  • Pupils say: We will treat people how we would like to be treated, be kind to everyone and value everyone else’s beliefs and ideas.
  • Staff say: We teach pupils that we are all responsible for our own behaviour, and that our choices can also have an impact on the learning and wellbeing of others.
  • Parents say: We want our children to be taught what it means to respect each other and to learn to respect their peers, including their differences in faith, culture etc.
  • Governors say: We want our community to respect the rights, individuality and faiths of others, and to treat each other equally and fairly so that everybody has the opportunity to be their best.
  • Pupils say: We want to have a good time at school and make our learning fun, but we also need to think about the consequences of our actions.
  • Staff say: We inspire pupils through an engaging and purposeful curriculum which challenges them to take risks and become actively involved in their learning.
  • Parents say: We want our children to look forward to coming to school and to enjoy all of their learning, not just their favourite subjects.
  • Governors say: We want pupils to enjoy a safe environment where they can develop their academic knowledge and their personal and social skills to enable them to achieve their life goals.
  • Pupils say: We will reach high to try to achieve our goals and leave our comfort zone in order to go beyond our limits.
  • Staff say: We are committed to supporting all of our pupils to discover their potential, and celebrate their achievements as they move towards fulfilling their ambitions.
  • Parents say: We want our children to be inspired to challenge themselves and each other in order to continuously improve, and to widen their awareness of what’s possible for them in the future.
  • Governors say: We want pupils to realise their talent, dream big and grasp opportunities to excel and make a positive difference to their and other people’s lives.
  • Pupils say: We know that we have to learn well with our friends and be good team members; we need to think before we speak so that we don’t upset anyone.
  • Staff say: We enrich pupils’ vocabulary, enabling them to communicate effectively about their learning and wellbeing, both orally and in their written work.
  • Parents say: We want our children to be able to work as part of a team, to listen to each other, to verbalise their feelings and resolve disagreements in a positive way.
  • Governors say: We want pupils to be effective and confident communicators so they can express themselves clearly, stimulate their learning and make a positive contribution to the wider world.
  • Pupils say: We need to understand the importance of taking care of ourselves, both mentally and physically, so that we develop strong bodies and minds.
  • Staff say: We provide dedicated opportunities for pupils to develop the skills and knowledge that they need to make informed choices about their physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Parents say: We want our children to have regular opportunities to move and enjoy being active, and to respect themselves in their choices of food, drink, exercise and relaxation.
  • Governors say: We want pupils to lead healthy and active lifestyles and understand the impact of their choices on their physical and emotional wellbeing.

The staff and governors at Laureate recognise the positive contribution of all members of our diverse school community. Our aim is to provide the best possible education according to individual needs in a caring and supportive environment where diversity of ability, gender, culture and belief is valued and celebrated.