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RRS Articles of the week – 21st October 2022

Published: 22 October, 2022

Rights Respecting Schools Articles of the Week;

Article 37 (inhumane treatment and detention): Children must not be tortured, sentenced to the death penalty
or suffer other cruel or degrading treatment or punishment. Children should be arrested, detained or imprisoned
only as a last resort and for the shortest time possible. They must be treated with respect and care, and be able
to keep in contact with their family. Children must not be put in prison with adults.
Article 37 (juvenile justice): A child accused or guilty of breaking the law must be treated with dignity and
respect. They have the right to legal assistance and a fair trial that takes account of their age. Governments
must set a minimum age for children to be tried in a criminal court and manage a justice system that enables
children who have been in conflict with the law to reintegrate into society