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RRS Articles of the week – 21st April 2023

Published: 8 May, 2023

Rights Respecting Schools Articles of the Week;

Article 9 (separation from parents): Children must not be separated from their parents against their will unless
it is in their best interests (for example, if a parent is hurting or neglecting a child).
Article 20 (children unable to live with their family): If a child cannot be looked after by their immediate
family, the government must give them special protection and assistance.
Article 21 (adoption): Governments must oversee the process of adoption to make sure it is safe, lawful and that
it prioritises children’s best interests.
Article 25 (review of treatment in care): If a child has been placed away from home for the purpose of care
or protection, they have the right to a regular review of their treatment and the way they are cared for.