Laureate Community Academy

School Uniform

School Uniform Expectations

These expectations were reviewed in September 2022, in line with the latest Government statutory guidance to minimise the cost of school uniform for parents and carers.  Pupils are not required to wear or use any items branded with the school logo.

At Laureate, we expect all children to wear the correct school uniform: 

  • Dark green sweatshirt/cardigan/fleece (plain or embroidered with the school logo). 
  • White shirt or polo shirt (plain or embroidered with the school logo). 
  • Either:       
    • Knee length grey skirt;
    • Pinafore dress;
    • Green and white checked dress; 
    • Black/grey school trousers; or
    • Black/grey tailored short trousers. 
  • Plain black/grey/white/dark green tights or socks.  
  • Plain black/grey/white/dark green leggings or shorts may be worn under dresses/skirts.  
  • Jeans, leggings, jeggings etc. are not considered school trousers; please be advised that some shops advertise ‘school trousers’ which are not in line with this policy. 
  • All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.  
  • For safety reasons, we expect all children with long hair to have their hair tied back at all times. 
  • If your child needs to wear an adapted school uniform in line with their religious or cultural beliefs, please make an appointment to speak to the Headteacher in the first instance. 


In addition to the above, we offer the following alternative options for children in our Nursery: 

  • Dark green t-shirt (long or short sleeved, plain or embroidered with the school logo). 
  • Plain black/grey/dark green leggings or jogging bottoms (to promote independent self-care). 


We also expect all pupils to wear the correct footwear: 

  • ‘Sensible’ (i.e. no/low heel) plain black shoes or boots (no trainers, sandals, canvas shoes or sports-branded ‘trainer shoes’). 
  • Pupils in Nursery and Reception should have a pair of wellies in school at all times. 
  • Pupils in Years 1 to 6 may bring a change of footwear if they wish to go on the field at break and lunchtimes when it is wet or muddy (e.g. wellies, trainers which are different to those worn for indoor PE) but these must not be worn all day (pupils who do not have a change of footwear will be allowed to go on the field at break and lunchtimes when it is dry; pupils who do not have the correct footwear in school will not be allowed to go on the field or sports court at break or lunchtimes). 

Until break and lunchtime arrangements return to normal following the coronavirus pandemic, all pupils in Years 1 to 6 should have a change of shoes (wellies or outdoor trainers) as their designated outdoor space may be on the field.  

PE (Reception to Year 6)  

We expect pupils in Reception to Year 6 to wear the correct PE kit:  

  • T-shirt in the colour of your child’s House (a plain white t-shirt may be worn if families are unable to purchase a House t-shirt).
  • Plain green shorts.  
  • Bare feet, plimsolls or clean trainers for indoor PE lessons, or trainers (different to those worn for indoor PE lessons) for outdoor PE lessons. 
  •  Plain black/grey/dark green leggings or jogging bottoms may be worn for outdoor PE lessons when it is cold, along with a school sweatshirt/cardigan/fleece/PE hoodie (dark green, either plain or embroidered with the school logo). 
  • Pupils in Reception to Year 6 should wear their PE kit to school and remain in it for the whole day on days when they have PE, including outdoor PE wear for breaks and lunchtimes when it is cold, even if the PE lesson itself is indoors, PROVIDED THAT IT IS FULLY IN LINE WITH THE ABOVE EXPECTATIONS (INCLUDING OUTDOOR PE EXPECTATIONS – IF IT IS NOT, YOU WILL BE TELEPHONED AND ASKED TO BRING THE CORRECT PE KIT IN FOR THEM TO CHANGE INTO, OR THEY WILL BE GIVEN A SPARE SCHOOL PE KIT TO CHANGE INTO).  
  • Earrings must not be worn for PE lessons and cannot be covered with tape (earrings should not be worn at all on days when your child has swimming or PE – see below). 
  • Please provide your child with a separate bag for their PE kit (e.g. a drawstring PE bag). 

Jewellery and Watches 

Children may wear an ordinary watch but responsibility for its safe keeping belongs to them, and the school will not be held responsible for any loss or damage. 

Earrings are not allowed, except for children with pierced ears, who may wear small, plain studs on those days when they do not have swimming or PE.  

If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, please ensure that this is done at the beginning of the summer holidays so that the holes are healed before the autumn term begins and earrings can be removed for PE lessons. It is not sufficient to put masking tape over earrings. All other jewellery should not be worn in school. 


Pupils are not permitted to wear make-up in school, including nail varnish and temporary tattoos (including henna tattoos). Any pupil wearing make-up will be asked to remove it by the following day; should pupils fail to do so, the school reserves the right to provide the pupil with cotton wool pads, nail varnish remover etc. and ask the pupil to remove the make-up in school


All embroidered items and many other items can be purchased online from our approved uniform supplier, Mapac, including a wide range of optional embroidered items such as jackets, hats and bags: 

Please note that orders must be placed online; Mapac will deliver orders to your home or to the school, but we will not be holding stock or taking orders at the office.

Please liaise directly with Mapac if you have any queries regarding uniform. 

The PTA also sell ‘nearly new’ uniform, which is available at any time via the school office or Facebook, or at selected school events; donations of plain or embroidered items which other families may benefit from purchasing are gratefully received.