Laureate Community Academy

Break the Rules Day

Break the rules day

We have decided to organise a ‘Break the Rules Day’ to raise money for the PTA, which will in turn help your children in school.

Each child will be able to select one or more rules or more to break.  Once you have bought the rules your child chooses, they will then be able to break that rule on Friday 16th June. If your child does not select a rule or you don’t pay for it, they don’t get to break it. If you wish to pay for all the rules, the maximum cost will be £5.  Each rule will cost either 50p or £1.  You do not have to buy any or all of these rules if your child does not wish to break them.

The rules that we have chosen are:

Rule Cost to break it Notes
Wear non-uniform £1 Appropriate clothing must be worn
Have wacky hair £1 Must be temporary
Wear make-up or face paint 50p Must be removed by Monday
Wear nail varnish 50p Must be removed by Monday
Wear temporary tattoos 50p Must be removed by Monday
Wear pyjamas or slippers in class 50p Slippers must only be worn indoors
Have any snack at breaktime 50p NO PRODUCTS CONTAINING NUTS
Have squash or juice instead of water 50p No fizzy or energy drinks

We hope that you will support our latest fundraising idea which will help us to help your children.


Friday - 16 June, 2023

All Day